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[Icehouse] [Push-Pull] new trio-game

  • From"Dan Isaac 2" <disaac2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 26 Jan 2006 13:25:37 -0500
Good points all. Thanks.

Yes, I had also thought of it as being quite similar to RPS. I don't know
that I had thought specifically of Prisoners Dilemma, but yep that fits too,
possibly even better considering the asymmetric outcomes of the moves. (1
vs. 2 step moves)

I did forget to mention the Push-Push, and the Pull-Pull conditions, but yep
I had planned that they would cancel each other out. I will update that in
the rules.

As for the board, I will see about clarifying that in the rules also. When I
first thought of the game, I thought of it as a 4-player game, but when
putting the rules together, it worked out that explaining the 2-player
version was simpler and was more direct for going from that to the 4-player
game rather then vice-versa.

As for RPS becoming stale after a while, I still enjoy playing Cosmic
Coasters on occasion. Of course that does have more additional traits then
Push-Pull has over RPS. Hopefully this won't get too stale too fast for some
people though. Besides, in practice, it is very difficult for people to play
a truly random strategy, you just need to figure out how to take advantage
of that.

One concern that I have is that the game could take quite a long time to
play. There is no limiting factor to the game. Like it was mentioned, (for
each size) it is similar to playing RPS until you have a 3-point lead. Of
course you do get 2-points for doing a Push when your opponent does a Pull.
Perhaps I could say that you score the piece when it reaches any of the edge
squares, therefore reducing it to only needing a 2-point lead.

I have now updated the rules for clarification. The only game change that I
made was to remove the restriction that team communication must be public.
If people want to play that way, it is fine, but it seemed a bit clunky to
force it on people. So now it is just not mentioned and left to the players
discretion on how to handle that issue.

If anyone would like to add this game to the wiki they can feel free. I am
not certain that I will not make any changes to the game, but it seems
straight forward enough that I doubt that I will need to. I had considered
changing the Push-Pull to move only 1 space in the opposite direction
though, but I doubt I will do that. Possibly the reduction of the effective
board size though. What do you all think? Has anyone actually tried it out
yet? How long did it take, any comments on the (re)playability?

Thanks for the comments, they are all appreciated.

But we should really be focusing more on TreeHouse just now, as they do have
a deadline to meet for convention season & the GTS show in March.

- Dan