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Re: [Icehouse] Xeno color mapping for Homeworlds

  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 5 Jun 2007 06:27:14 -0400
Not that it matters a whole lot, but it seems to me that matching the colors intuitively depends largely on any given persons intuition. I would note that I don't have a dog in this race since I have a Zendo set with an extra cyan and an extra gray stash. however were i to sit down with another person who had three xeno sets to play binary home worlds my first inclination would be to find two other players with xeno sets to play because i prefer multiplayer to binary homeworlds (but that isn't the issue here). In regards to the mapping it wouldn't matter which mapping was used I'd still need to refer back to the chart until I was completely tuned in to the mapping.

Carlton "Kermit" Noles
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