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Re: [Icehouse] Xeno color mapping for Homeworlds

  • From"Tom Eigelsbach" <eigelsbach@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 4 Jun 2007 19:09:11 -0400
Andy:  ...Cyan = Yellow? That's crazy. The colors need tofeel like the best possible matches both for function AND for similarity to the standard colors.

Zoltar:  Agreed.  I actually call Cyan 'Teal' and it is close to Green, but it just sticks in my mind as Blue-ish -- but to map it to Yellow indeed is too crazy.

Andy:  Far from asking strangers for opinions, I'm most interested in what the Starship Captains on this list think. Therefore, the opinions of TwoShort and Zoltar carry the most weight for me. Unfortunately, they contradict!

Zoltar:  D'oh!

Andy: But perhaps James has the answer:

> Blue=Cyan Obvious correlation
> Red=Orange Hottest colours
> Yellow=Clear Lightest colours
> Green=Purple Both are one step from blue

Andy:  That's not bad, actually... the Green-Purple becomes the hard one to remember, but Jacob seemed to think they work logically, and they're both in the cool end of the spectrum... I think I could live with this choice, what do others think? (In particular, TwoShort and Zoltar?)

Zoltar:  It's the toughest one to map, but then somebody pointed out:

Marc Hartstein:  Well, Purple/Green will be easy for any Drazi Starship Captains to remember (although they might object strenuously), or any other fans of Bablyon 5.

Zoltar:  Cool!  Being a long-time 5'er, I'll now shall never forget that one, and I like that trick.  It also reminds me of the complete arbitrariness of the Drazi color ritual -- so if all else fails, Andy can put colored sashes in a barrel and all the homeworlds players can grab one and whoever wins the ensuing scuffle will determine the mapping, eh?

--Zoltar aka TVTom aka Tom Eigelsbach

"Green must fight purple, purple must fight green. Is no other way."
"Just my luck, I get stuck with a race that speaks only in macros."
Green Drazi and Ivanova,  B5 ep, "The Geometry of Shadows"

"We put green and purple in great barrel equal to numbers of Drazi. Then we reach in, we take, where there was one Drazi people, now there are two. The two fight until there are one."
"That's it? It's totally random? arbitrary? Well, then how do you chose the leader for either side."
"One purple and one green carries mark of leadership. He who takes leader cloth is leader. He who takes green is green and follows green leader. He who takes purple is purple and follows purple leader."
"OK, so in other words...Would you two please step forward for a minute, please. OK, so what you're trying to tell me is that if I take this purple sash off of him and put in onto him, that this one thing alone is enough to...:"
Ivanova and Drazi, leading to fight, in B5 ep "The Geometry of Shadows"