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Re: [Fluxx] Volity Fluxx 3.1 online

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 14 May 2006 22:29:33 -0700
I would love to learn Volity and perhaps develop these UI files to
implement such changes. It seems rather open, if the UI is 'scripted'
by a UI file like you make it sound... Are there any nice off-site
tutorials that you recommend?

Of course, in my spare time away from Flash animation, I mean. ;p

On 5/14/06, Jason McIntosh <zendonut@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 5/14/06, S Mattison <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, first of all, they would have to force the server to tell the client
> every move that the bots make, regardless of whether or not the clients want
> the delay.

The server tells everyone about every discrete game action from all
the players, bot or not. This just happens very quickly when bots are

> The clients that have no delay timed in, however, would not experience the
> same thing as the clients that want to see the bots card plays, played out.
> Therefore, those watching "the action" may be inquired to "move already!" by
> those who have it set to instant.

I really don't think it should slow down _that_ much. :)

Anyway, as Zarf wrote, these are good ideas; consider them Noted. (And
I should note that anyone willing to learn a bit about Volity can
attempt to write an alternate UI file that will work with Gamut...)

Jason McIntosh
Jabber: jmac@xxxxxxxxxx
AIM: zendonut
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