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Re: [Fluxx] Must draw first?

  • From"James Hazelton" <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 6 Oct 2007 00:25:42 -0500
Rule bureaucracy aside, does anyone else feel that allowing plays before and between draws really changes the dynamic of the game? I've been Drawing and then Playing for years, as have the rest of you I'm sure, and I don't think this is something that needs to change. Despite what Andy may say, if he decides to comment on the issue, I know that I will always Draw before Play, and I will definitely insist upon it to anyone playing with my deck. The whole Hand Limit thing changed the game as I knew it, but not in a big way--it has not come up once since the video. But Play before Draw would be a major change affecting every game. Do we want to alter the face of the game over a choice in wording?

That's all I'm going to say on the issue.