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Re: [Fluxx] Hand Limits Optional

  • From"Frank Smith" <smithfrankf@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 8 Aug 2008 12:03:14 -0400
How would you handle the combination of "Hand Limit h" and "Everybody Gets One"?
Suppose player B (whose turn it isn't) has h cards in hand with "Hand
Limit h" in effect.
Active player A plays "Everybody Gets One".

What I'd do: Give B a card. B now has more than h cards, and must
discard down to h, but B can choose from among any of the cards
including the one just received.

Your reasoning seems to require that the card drawn and designated for
B is simply discarded.

Similarly for any other situation where a non-active player (who must
observe the Hand Limit) can end up with more cards than the hand limit
allows. Trade Hands, for instance. I'm having trouble thinking of a
way to implement that action without B having more than h cards in
hand, albeit briefly.

I'd agree, though, that Drawing, Playing some, applying Hand Limit,
then Playing more -- while it _might_ be legal -- is decidedly UnCool.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Jody Chandler
<windblownhermit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   I've always had a problem with Andy's YouTube situational explanation,
> because it "feels" unfair.  So, while I can't argue with the wording of the
> card that it says "may," there's a serious flaw in the way he chooses to
> exploit that wording that gives it that "unfair" aftertaste.
> The way I see it, Andy exploits the wording so that instead of ignoring or
> observing the rule, he does both!  That's what's unfair about it.  I think
> there is a principle at work here, very common in games, that when you are
> given a choice, you can't ride the fence, you have to choose and the choice
> is binding, and the choice must generally be clear to other players so they
> can be sure you aren't cheating.  Andy ignores the rule, finds out that
> ignoring the rule doesn't work out for him, and then changes his mind.  I
> think I disagree with James here because I interpret the "rule" as simply
> not having any cards in your hand, and the only exception to this rule is if
> it is your turn you "may" ignore it.  So anyways, Andy draws his cards,
> takes them into his hand, organizes them, looks at them and decides which
> two cards he likes.  How is this observing the hand limit rule?  It isn't!
> He has cards in his hand, and he even says "I draw three cards, add them to
> my hand..."!  He has a hand of 5, not 2, so he should be considered
> officially ignoring the rule.  At that point he has made his choice to
> ignore the rule clear to other players.  To my sensibilities, he can't
> change his mind and decide, after ignoring the rule by taking 3 extra cards
> into his hand, to observe it just because he doesn't like the cards he now
> holds.  I think the only way to choose to observe the rule when it is your
> turn in that situation while also observing the draw rule is to simply draw
> and immediately (as the rule says) discard the 3 cards one by one without
> taking them into your hand.   But why would you do this?  Barring prescience
> of what 3 cards are on the top of the draw pile, there would be no reason to
> do this, so basically what I'm saying is Andy should have lost that game.
> :D

Frank F. Smith