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RE: [Icehouse] Icehouse / Treehouse forum?

  • From"Dan Isaac" <disaac1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 7 Mar 2008 23:18:40 -0500
OK. I have to admit a bit of my ignorance here, but I have not spent much
time in forums. I have one question about them that doesn't seem to have
been addressed directly yet.

It has been said that you can configure your account to receive emails just
like a list server would do. But, can you also just reply to such emails, or
create an entirely new email to send to the "forum" list?

How would such a new email get organized into the forum? As a new topic?

Sorry if this is an overly noobish question.


P.S.> Current on the side of the listserver until I hear that the Looneys
are creating an official forum that will behave just like a listserver. (Or
am otherwise convinced differently.)