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Re: [Icehouse] 15 trios in a Pink Treehouse box?

  • From"Ryan Hackel" <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 18 Feb 2009 08:48:18 -0500
David, you might still be able to use your box even with 12 colors. I can fit *six* nests in each tube, for a total of ten tubes for twelve colors. The trick is to stack the nests in alternating directions - one up, one down. This still leaves you with room for an eleventh tube in the future, in the event of a 13th color.


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On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 12:07 PM, Sam Zitin <sammyz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The storage solution Ive always envisioned is a box that fits just
around a filled up Volcano set (in the board) with the top pressing
down on the pieces to prevent them rattling around. That being said,

Cool idea.

My ideal solution just got broken by the twelfth color, though Im glad to see it come!

I used a Dexas Case Binder:
...with the binder clip bar removed. It is EXACTLY long enough for eleven tubes side by side; thick enough for 6 Eeyore wedges, 2 chessboard bandannas, 2 Martian Coasters sets, Playing with Pyramids, Cosmic Coasters, and a Volcano board; and wide enough to include a Tarot deck, a bag of poker chips, pens, Volcano caps, and a smattering of dice. it fits in a book bag easily (obviously) and I can use the clipboard top to hold down sign-up sheets, rule printouts, or whatever (Looney Labs cards, sometimes).

But now I reckon Ill be looking for a new solution. Which is fine--I have to be able to fit in two Treehouse sets anyway; and its easier to prep for single-set and 2HOUSE games with them rather than breaking into four or five monochrome tubes.

Which reminds me... I have to order Pink from Sci Fi Genre and get an empty tube from LL (wish the Carrots were still working--perfect way to use up a spare Carrot or two)....

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