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Re: [Icehouse] off colored pyramids question

  • FromCarl Worth <cworth@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 22 Jan 2007 16:25:37 -0800
On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 16:13:49 -0800 (PST), Joseph Peterson wrote:
> I'd suggest making as many stashes as possible.  Then make coordinated
> Treehouses.  Then random Treehouses.
> I'd pay $20 for a solid stash.  $15 for a really cool Treehouse and $12
> for a random one.
> I'd pass if they cost $50!

I feel very much like Joseph in all the above.

Though if the pyramid sorting job makes it as painful as it sounds to
find single-color stashes then feel free to charge more of a premium
for them, (or just stop looking for stashes as soon as it gets more
hard than $5 or $10 worth of effort).


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