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Re: [Icehouse] off colored pyramids question

  • From"Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 22 Jan 2007 22:54:43 -0600
$50 is too steep.  My personal feeling is they'd be a "cool thing to
have" but not at that price.

Given the choice, I'd want a monochrome stash.  IceHouse and
IceTowers, for example, would need a full stash to be used.  TreeHouse
can use a mono stash.  Martian Coasters is too colour dependent to use
an off colour "tree house" set:  "No, your shade of grey is really
blue, and my shade of grey is really red... "  - too much confusion.
The kind of people likely to want an off colour stash will likely
already have a complete set of regular 'mids (it goes to 11!), and are
also likely to be playing games using multiple stashes.  Having a
single mono-off colour stash can be used in many ways.  Having a
single off-colour treehouse stash can't be sued in so many ways, and
the chances of being able to get 5 identical treehouse stashes to make
them "as useful" would be hard.

Now, going back to price... well, sort of.

I guess it depends on what your incentive is.  Is it "we have lots of
odd stock, and cash is tight, so let's see if we can sell them"?
because I doubt it, it's not really your core business.  Was the price
point suggested to try and keep them rare?  Then maybe that IS a fair
price point, as only some people here would get them.

But another suggestion.  Prizes.  Prizes for the various tournaments
held at Origins or other conventions.  Prizes for Demo Rabbits who
have gone "above and beyond".  Perhaps as prizes for Demo Rabbits who
earn over a certain number of Rabbit points in a calendar year, or the
top five Point earners or something like that.

That would mean that they aren't simply available to the rich, but
anyone who is fairly seriously into the IceHouse system could obtain
them if they put some hard work into it.  And it also means that the
people who do get them are likely to really want them... if you put
them up for sale, there's always the chance of someone buying several,
and then reselling them on the secondary market for a profit.  If they
are given out as hard earned rewards, the owner is much less likely to
want to give them up.

Just some thoughts...