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Re: [Icehouse] Poll: How Do You Store?

  • FromRob Bryan <2short2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 3 Mar 2009 17:08:48 -0700
> Q1) How do you store your pyramids? Be specific (e.g. stacks of nests in
> tubes in a Purple Bag; nests upright in a custom wooden box with foam
> padding; etc).

"Active" pyramids are split into sets appropriate to single specific
games and stored in different containers:

Treehouse: tube containing five nests of assorted colors, periodically
swapped according to my daughters whim.
Zarcana: black felt bag from the zyloid era, but containing modern
pieces (with tarot deck)
Icehouse: Big plastic cylinder thing from the zyloid era, containing
"Unbreakable B-1" (my favorite set)
Homeworlds: plastic card-deck box (zpip set)
Zendo: boxed set, as purchased

"Inactive" pyramids: There is an assortment of modern pyramids in a
drawer of my desk for use in speculating about games and or art
projects - these are in tubes and black felt bags.  An few historical
artifacts are kept in first-100 era black boxes, and there is a cigar
box with the slightly-mis-designed from memory origami mercenary set I
made on Christmas day in 1991 after initial exposure to the pyramid
virus at school the day before vacation.

> Q2) How did you purchase your collection of pyramids? Be specific (e.g. all
> mono stashes, over years; some mono, some Treehouse; all Treehouse, except
> for gray and pink; etc).

 As four-stash Icehouse sets and assorted Treehouse.  I think I bought
a mono stash once because I thought it was neat to find it in a store.

> Q3) Do you think your storage solution is impacted by the product package?
> If so, how so?

The dictates of my OCD appear to be that Icehouse pyramids get stored
in Icehouse packaging if possible, but I don't care if it's the same
packaging as came with the pyramids in question.  My need to create
separate "sets" for different games played with a generic system
presumably also indicates something.